Definitely not a MOTHER’S DAY special…


Yesterday was mother’s day, as usual I sat in front of my laptop and was scrolling down my Facebook wall reading infinite number of status updates of people on how cool their moms were or how they miss their mom and on and on .. well the funny question was didn’t they miss their mom any other day or didn’t they realize that their mom was cool before . For me yesterday was no different from any other day except for the fact that I was lucky enough to be with my mother. With all this mockery going around I had decided that I would not write anything regarding mother’s day on mother’s day 😛 it is usual and expected and I don’t function that way .. (“yea right !”that is what people who know me would probably be thinking now)
But really this public display of affection towards mothers not cool people and that too on one specific day not cool at all. Why do we need a day to remember mothers ? I mean what kind of logic is that ? Now if you are going to shoot ‘why celebrate birthdays then ?’ thing at me, let me tell you – birthdays are totally different. They are reminders reminding you that you have completed one more year of your life, they are questions asked at you – what have you achieved ? You know with age comes wisdom and what is your WISDOM QUOTIENT 😛 ? They are sign boards showing you that the road down is going to be difficult and bumpier 😀 . And hell no it is as same as mother’s day.
Give it a thought, do we really need a day to think of our own mother, a day to tell others that we love her, a day to thank her ! I have been with my mother for 17 years and few months after which I left to Pune for my “HIGHER EDUCATION” ( 😛 ). I remember that day (and always will) ,her face when she stood in the railway platform sending me off. She held my hands from outside, she couldn’t let me go, she walked along the train and my brother had to hold her back. Her eyes were filled and her face was terrible. Frankly speaking I was able to get over her quickly, real quick I mean before I reached Pune. I was excited thinking about how my new independent life was going to be and planning how I was going to live it. We all do this, we illustrate things going to happen to us in our minds before it and we reach there just to find that it is completely opposite of what we had in our minds. Something similar happened to me. Life was bad and was getting worse 😦 . From the day 1 I have been thinking of my mom ,thanking her and missing her.
My mom is a very weak woman not health wise but at heart. If you need to hurt her its easy simply make a joke on her and bingo you can see her sulk. Whenever I do this I find myself deeply immersed in thoughts on how to make her smile back again because when she smiles I have no idea how much happy it makes me. Whenever I make her smile I feel like I have achieved something enormous and I look at my brother and smile at him with pride ” bro you saw that she is laughing at my joke ! I made her laugh ! ahaaa ha ha !” and that is what the smile would mean. And this lady has amazing stamina I mean she could be a some sort of sports star if she did all those what she did at home in a ground or something. She cooks and she cleans and she washes and she irons! Well I couldn’t make maggi and wash the dishes simultaneously , I don’t know if something is wrong with me but I just couldn’t.
Now my father is a very tough person at least known to be a tough and emotionally strong person ( I really got to know this thing on the day when I was leaving to Pune, he had no emotions in his face if ever he had something it was anger, he was completely mad at me and mom for making a scene at the station ! ) I have only seen him cry once – it was when his mother, my grandmother passed away. My mother woke me up and told me the bad news. I did not know what to or how to react. Well my grandmother was in bed for quite a long time and it was expected. I saw depression in my father’s face but he wasn’t crying. He was talking to his boss asking him for leave, for the first time I saw my dad break down. His sound all cracked up and trembled I did not see if there were tears or not because I did not have the courage to look at his face then. He couldn’t make it. He couldn’t see his mother for one last time and I don’t know if I have ever experienced a tiny portion of what he went through at that moment.

We all know that our mother is not going to be around us forever but we never accept the fact because every man or woman however old he or she is, in front of his or her mom they always turn into a child. After being away from her for almost a year now I have really learnt to appreciate her and stand up for her. But now that I am with her (for 2 weeks ) I have started taking her for granted because that is what we children do.We have no idea what is going on in her head all day long and if we try to learn that it is too damn complicated.Frankly speaking I believe that some day I will be able to give her happy thoughts and only happy thoughts. I will make sure that she doesn’t have anything to worry about me( I don’t really think that is possible but lets be optimistic here).
I couldn’t see myself in my father’s position . It scares me, to imagine a world without my mom, a day without hearing her voice. All this thoughts disturbs me, I look at her, while typing this, who is sitting just opposite to me watching something in the TV . She looks at me and that comforts me but all of a sudden I find wrinkles in her face – I stare at it … she looks at me again and this time asks
“what now – hungry?”
Mothers ….. :’)
Please she is worth more than one day of praising and thanking and missing….she is worth your whole life .


17 thoughts on “Definitely not a MOTHER’S DAY special…

    1. Hi Dilish, my sentiments exactly! If we treat our parents well everyday, 365 days a year, we do not need a particular day to assist commercially driven enterprises make money!

  1. The only pecularity of these so called ‘blah-blah-DAYs’ is that we find an opportunity in social media to either brag the achivements of these days represents or post some ‘sentimental sympathising’ pictures so that we grab more ‘likes’ or we can get others to ‘share’.

    Today is mothers day and I too wish to grab this opportunity to share few of my thoughts. Most of the postings in facebook and other social blogs, I find mothers with baby children representing the first divine pure love. And most of the people involved are youngsters and they might find a good day to smile at their moms for what they are. But are our moms, are they realising the fact that they too have mothers? Are they too understanding the significance of this day? Do they considered themselves as mothers or are they acknowledging their mothers? Yes, our ‘Grand’mothers. Are we taking care of them? If yes, then why are old age Homes filled?

    Mothers days should start from there..I beieve..To the mothers who was, by ones who will be..

    1. well , that is a very good question.Like you said mother’s day is just a day to show off in the social networking sites and at the end of the day no one loves their mother selflessly. But a mother will always love her child no matter what – unconditional love. The old age homes being filled is an example that tells us that children never really love their parents. But they fail to realize that they themselves are setting examples to their kids. The kids who post all these “I LUV MA MOM” and ” CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT YOU MOM” will definitely put their mom in an old age home when time comes.

      1. Good One! Keep writing. Life may seem to be black and white when you are younger, but as your hair greys:), you come to realize that a lot of it is shades of grey. A lot of people have good intentions, but they juggle the various constraints that life hands them. Often the reason people are unable to do justice to their parents is because they are paying it forward to their kids.

      2. If a kid happen to post I love you ma & can’t live without you, mom, with utmost respect may I refer your blog as elaborated version as the post you have mentioned above? We all love parents, but certain circumstances, which we may refer as ‘fate’, we are forced to take decisions that may be completely against our ethics we might have strongly believed in.

        Perhaps old age home isn’t that bad idea, because they, after certain age, they grow young. They act like children and they shall be our children. Maybe a group of their age will only be able to entertain them. May be a collective interaction might make them more healthier than solitary confinement within our reach, because its understood that our time will never show enough mercy to spend enough for them.

        Whatsoever, where-ever we may be, what-ever position we will be, we should never forget unseen sacrifices that they have done for us. We all respect our own personality maybe known as self-respect or something.., We just take a silent decision within ourselves that in whatever situation our lives take us, we will never ever give-up on our parents. A silent one that should witness only our heart and soul, not even parents. They are humans and might be subjected to errors. Being human we shall only consider 1% error which one might have committed rather than 99% of good they might have done. We can forgive them and embrace them as our own children because one can never hate ones own child. Because they were children, parents, then shall we be like day.

      3. well, I don’t think that letting them be with people of their age is going to make them any happy. Like you said as they reach a certain age they become young and would a young child be happy to leave his/her parents an go stay with his/her friends for ever… I don’t think so…me being a teenager I get excited and happy whenever I come home and meet my parents. So think about the old parents, when they have lost all their strength physically and mentally, all they want is bit of care and love, you drop them in a old age home, home filed with such old age parents. I definitely don’t think that is a good explanation for,what I would like call DUMPING, old parents in these kind of homes.

  2. What I disagree with is the notion that we can tell/judge (poeple) people what to and what not to celebrate 🙂 If someone wants to go ga ga over their moms on that day, and no other, it’s just fine (with me 🙂 ) – as a mother, I love being wished on that day, spoken to on all the other days, and love showered on me always, unconditionally, along with a whole lot of I-wish-you-were-not-this-kind of mom too, in the growing years! Just as I do, to my mother 🙂

    At the same time, commercialization is what has brought out the feeling, expressively, I suppose for many who perhaps did not even know they loved their mother, not just take her for granted. I know such people too!!!

    Celebrations are always good, even if prompted commercially 😀

    1. But don’t you think people can express their love and gratitude through actions rather than few words! In this I am referring to those people who decide to dump their parents in homes! But there is always two sides for this argument…

      1. Certainly they can! But that’s up to them! And we go on and do what we do – love them!
        If such people do share these words ONLY on that day, and not any of the other days, or show by actions, that they do not care, I think it is their loss finally!
        Sometimes, for me, personally, when celebrations dampeners, and I do not mean this blog at all, come around, I’m struck by the feel of the person who simply wants to hit out; who finds nothing positive about it all! My two cents! 🙂 – I shall not re hash any more here 🙂

        And yes, the voice of reason – there are always two sides 🙂

      2. I just put my thoughts out here….those who want to celebrate will continue to ! Just as I have the right to write this everyone has the right to celebrate ! 🙂

      3. Absolutely, Dilish! More power to you 🙂 🙂
        And incidentally, no one, I hope was questioning your ‘right’ to do so 🙂 🙂 I hope I did not come across as being someone who was doing that either. If you thought that, do excuse me 🙂

      4. Ohhh no never… You talking about my blog – I see it as an inspiration and a chance to see the other side of the argument which I might have failed to see…..what I meant by ‘right’ was that no one cannot be asked to do anything !

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