Month: July 2014

Store Zombies ….


I hate going to stores at night, I just don’t like how people are at that time in the stores. They act like zombies 😦 . But I had to get couple of stuffs immediately so the option of home delivery was off the list and the only available option was me spending my time kept aside for scrolling and tapping.

The sight of the store filled with people turned me into THE GRUMPY CAT. “I loathe all of them!” I said to myself (This talking to myself thing has been bothering me a lot. I don’t even know if it is actually sane).  People go around digging whatever they want, pushing their way to the counters and trying to outsmart each other. We could really call it the “THE HUNGER GAMES”, I mean the name suits.

I had to grab some onions and as I reached there it seemed as if the whole city was there to get onions. I decided to stay away from the crowd. “I’ll wait…” I did it again…I talked to myself again ….damn. I stood there watching people go mad over onions; they were digging to find better ones.

As all this commotion happened, a store staff came by holding a new batch of onions. I could tell from his face that the box was really heavy. He was very young, maybe couple of years elder to me. He stood there trying to say something but probably did not know which language to speak. Meanwhile I had an evil smile…. “Patience is a virtue! I am gonna get the good ones!” But one fellow competitor turned around just to see the poor lad with the bunch of fresh onions. He then put all his attention and efforts on the new batch straight away from the box, and soon everyone joined him. They all started to grab onions from the box as the boy stood their holding it in his arms.

I was literally shocked. I wanted to speak out but I knew very well that if I utter a word it is not gonna be good. I just stormed out of the place disgustingly. It is really sad to realize that how selfish we all have gotten. How aloof or apathetic we have been towards the feelings of others.