Month: December 2014

Gun shots and shattered dreams

He sat staring at the television kept in the corner of the dusty room. He had just lit the cigarette and the pattern of the smoke took all his attention. The people on the screen were going crazy but nothing mattered to him anymore. He sat back looking at it burn away just like he wanted his life to. Light hardly filled the room through the drapes.

Doctor – that was his dream. He saw him in white overcoat with the stethoscope hanging from his neck. He smiled at the thought, and the smoke rushed out. He was tired, his lungs felt heavy each time he dragged in the wretched magical poison. Through the smoke he could see him helping the poor in the hospital, going around the villages serving the needy. The thought of his name appearing on the newspapers and televisions made him smile again. The shelves in the house filled with the awards he would receive for his outstanding contribution towards human kind.


The burnt ash falls on his thighs but he wouldn’t move; he is still caught in his thoughts. They were screams and shouts in the TV – justifications and explanations! Nothing mattered to him anymore. He knows that his dreams would just be dreams. His dreams were wiped away by his blood. His life was cold and pale just like his lifeless body. The last touch of his son’s warm body was when we held his hands tightly just before sending him to the class just to hold his cold body at the end. The tiny hands and tiny legs smeared with blood. His tiny little eyes still wide open but sad and frightened. Those eyes always shined when he called him out.

Now nothing mattered to him- the reasons, the justifications, the explanation, and the promises for action! For him, his child was killed, for him his dream was shattered. The flame that pushed him to live was put out just like the stub of the cigarette. He lit another one and continued giving a damn about nothing!

My heart goes to the parents who have lost their dreams and hopes in the very unfortunate unjustifiable incident.



Hey how was it when I was gone? Hope all went great! Me? Well something worth mentioning did happen. I am proud to say I did something more than texting and swiping. All of you who have read my earlier blogs would know how disturbed I am with child labour and child begging. The-Beginning

So, child labour and child begging was something that did not sink into the bottom of my mind. It just kept on floating on top. As I entered the second year of my course, I was introduced to a pretty amazing topic- FUNDAMENTALS OF MANAGEMENT; well it is the same of old management principles and things like that but what made it interesting was the teacher who handled it. She was funny and she tried to be one among us in all senses. She was the beginning of things. She had this group of students who she called “MENTORS” every batch, these students would act as a link between the other students and the teachers so that both of them are updated about each other. And as you all have guessed I volunteered to be one.

Like any other college clubs, we too had lots of activities happening, brain storming, excited students wanting to do so many things at a time, the noise! Then she came up with one thing that took all my attention- she asked us to do something for the society-to take up a cause! Well well well isn’t this what I have been waiting for? I got to thinking:

  • A platform – college club                     ——checked
  • A guide, personal mentor – professor ——-checked
  • Support                   ——-nope but that is easy to get

I thought getting people to join me was the easiest. I thought people would be really happy to save children from the dirty street but my friends I was wrong, terribly wrong. The only person who backed me was my friend. I felt so lost and confused. There were people to support traffic issues and paper recycling, maybe they found those issues more threatening than children’s lives put under danger on streets and industries. I got no support at the end.

My friend tried to convince me that sometimes things are like that and it might not go the way we wanted and all. I just couldn’t take it, I failed to understand. He said I really wanted this to happen that I saw everything other cause less important, maybe he was right. But like I told earlier children on the street wouldn’t just disappear from my mind. It stayed right in there, very stubborn.

Depressed and frustrated I used to drag myself to college for the next few days. It was then this guest lecturer came for the same topic. He was a jolly young lecturer and had a beautiful way to get things to his students. I still remember the first class of his that I attended. He earned my respect. He talked about principles of managements with ease that I was amazed to know how simple those were. Examples…examples were his weapon. He had such great not very cliché examples that got us listening and thinking.

One such lecture, he started enquiring about our ideas for different causes. All started suggesting and proposing ideas some of which if was implemented, India probably wouldn’t have any traffic congestions for the next decade maybe 😛 (yea….am a sarcastic idiot!). But he was supportive and was trying to give every proposal practical methods to take them forward. I felt that he would help me if I talked to him. Soon after the lecture I talked to him about my idea of getting children out of the streets. Well I talked for a few minutes and all he did was patiently listen and smile. He did not say a word, he took out his mobile phone and asked me to take down a woman’s number and asked me to contact her.

This post is about the two people who made many things possible for me. I always believe that people become great when others believe in them and they believed in me. I shall always thank them for that.