Do you remember those days when you were a kid and you made a lot of trouble, your mom would give you crayons and a sheet of paper so that you could scribble something and she would get some peace of mind. That my friends is the earliest version of internship in your life. The whole concept of internship is built on this idea.
Have you ever felt like the most important man on earth, the need of the hour, like superman! If yes, its time that you apply for an internship. An internship not only makes you feel the most useless and unwanted person in the whole of the universe but also makes you start doubting your existence.

Now moving on to a poem written by an intern.
Note to readers – this poem is written by a commerce graduate who has no prior experience in poetry. The only poem he knows good is twinkle twinkle little star. Do not expect usage of high end vocabulary.

Poet’s note
Hey all,
Before any one reads my poem I want you all to know that this is my first time and I have no prior experience ( that’s the second time I am using that sentence. First time was for the interview.) Internship has pushed me to the deepest heights of boredom that I have started poetry. Please excuse me if I fail the rules of poetry.

To all the suffering interns…


I am sitting here looking at you,
My dear statement of profit and loss !
I did talk to the boss,
Everyone is busy it seems;
What a loss !
Two sheets of paper
With digits all over .
“Work it out and find if anything is wrong !
It can’t be done later,
And it shouldn’t take long !”
But then I did this in KG (kindergarten)!
I move to take coffee.
You know, here coffees are free !
But everyone looks at me,
I know I have already had three,
But that doesn’t mean u can judge me!
The coffee is good,
But a little more cream wouldn’t have harmed !
Joblessness in this office, I am alarmed !

I am done with this job denial

If ever I get any- it is menial
Couple of months more,
This is going to be bad,
This is going to be sad,

I willend up being mad,

The internship……. !



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