Month: February 2018


The sun at top too knew no mercy,
just like the lives down around her
She lay burning, her face all greasy
on the parched soil once she toiled.
She yearned for a drop to ease the death

that stood tall waiting for her final breath.
But not as much as she yearned for a little compassion.


She bleeds no more for her wounds have dried up.
Her eyes gleam no more for those have been cruelly bruised.
The price she paid for sharing her heart with the one who doesn’t share her faith.
Pelted with stones she was punished.
Punished for causing disgrace to those once she lovingly called family.

I lay beside her, as dead as her, watching her life slowly bidding farewell.
My arms reach out for her but she seems so far yet so close.
I close my eyes to blind myself from her suffering,
waiting for that end that this love would bring.