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mental_strengthI was back after a long walk and I felt that my body required some fluid refill. My throat was as dry as the deserts in the country. I decided to stop by a store and revive myself. I walked to the long refrigerator and stared at the bunch of ENERGY drinks. There was RED BULL, MONSTER, POCARI SWEAT and more. I did not look at the usual fizzy drink side not that I don’t have any mental strength but those cans had some kind of hypnotic power. But then some evil mind had placed a can of mountain dew in between red bull cans and who says no to a can of mountain dew! I grabbed it (see I told you they all have that power) and I walked away without even thinking twice. I was dying to pour the whole can into my mouth. But when I reached the counter I was bewildered! There was a long queue in every counter. How did this even happen? Today was a usual weekday and it felt that each family in the neighborhood had done with their supplies! I stood there infuriated like a teenager who was stopped from taking a selfie. Each one in the queue had a trolley filled up with stuffs and there were 7 of them in front of me. My mathematical part of the brain started to function (it functions for completely worthless stuffs and when I need it the most my brain is like – “math whats that? hey it rhymes!” >.<). Taking an average of 20 items in a trolley for each person I would have to wait for 140 items to be counted and paid for so that I could pay for my one and half bucks worth drink. I lost the will to find out a way but it was then it struck me “Idiot go find the counter for less than 10 items!” that was my brain and as I was going to move away from the counter my heart stops by to tell “dude what if that counter is more crowded than this one. Its gonna be a loss-loss!”. We always stick to our heart don’t we? I continued to stand in the queue. I couldn’t help but stare into the trolley of the person standing right in front of me. He had a lot of stuffs when I say a lot I really mean it! oh c’mon man who takes these many cans of cream? For a moment there I thought the cashier was doing all in slow motion but that was his real speed and I even thought I would have to spend the whole night in the store. The cold mountain dew can was now getting all wet and I couldn’t be any more mad and angry. It was then this spectacularly huge man came. He was huge like a giant with rippling muscles. He was for sure pretty strong not just physically but mentally too. I realized that when I saw that he had a can of Red Bull in his hand. I was intimidated by this guy. He made me feel like a small dwarf. He was looking for a gap to jump the queue. He tried to squeeze his way in one of the queues and all he got was strange stern look from the lady and I thought she would bite him. How can anyone allow that? After waiting so long for your turn you can’t let a person who just came in to get in so easily. If you have to pay for that you got to take some efforts man! I wouldn’t ever allow that guy to get before me not just that I would also shout at him. Really I would, I was so mad I could have shouted to any stranger for no reason. This huge guy wasn’t ready to give up. He kept looking around for a gap to get in. “Shameless…giant!” and I realized that my queue was almost done. I stared at the magazines kept in the counter when suddenly a shadow falls upon George Clooney in the cover page. I looked back and found the giant looking at me right into my eyes as if he was trying to hypnotize me. I immediately looked away- “Keep no eye contact!” brain commanded and I just did it (for the first time heart is nowhere in the scene because it was too busy beating. I felt like my heart was near my ears now!) “Excuse me …” a huge sound fills my ear and I looked at him helplessly smiling. He smiled back and got right in front of me. He stood right there, and I couldn’t find my voice. He paid for his Red Bull and walked away. I paid for my drink and walked away. But I did not, not even for a moment doubt my mental strength. I was just being nice to a complete HUGE stranger who badly needed help. I hope people just won’t force the ‘help’ out of me  :/ .

Strange People …..

We all meet strange people at least once in our lives. People whose identity is known to none but questioned by all .They are like small entertainments, something to ponder about for few minutes or something to tell to your family over dinner. We see them every day and notice them but they fail to stay in our minds. And one day they disappear and just as we think that they are gone forever they come back with nothing different in them. But some people become intrigued by these strange personalities; they built curiosity in our hearts which force us to learn more about them.

He was around his late 70’s or early 80’s, his wrinkled face tells us that. He wore a military uniform and a huge jacket over it and a red military head gear. I really can’t say an ugly face but definitely a scary one (at least for me). He was the strange person in my life. Whenever I saw him a cold shiver sprints through my spine making it difficult for me to make any sort of movements. I used to clutch my father’s finger tightly on this man’s sight. This all happened maybe a decade ago. He used to sit in the stairways of the buildings and stare outside.

Yeah, 10 years have gone and I had completely forgotten about him until I saw him in my building stairway. What are the odds for that to happen? I am here (sharjah – U.A.E) on vacation to meet my family who has kind of settled here. This time it wasn’t just a cold shiver that I experienced, it was sense of astonishment. He looked exactly the same maybe a little more wrinkles in his face and he stooped more now. He sat there staring into nothing. I was curious now, so curious that my sleep was disturbed. I decided to know more about him.

As the first step I tried to Google him with no exact name and it disappointed me. Well Google is no mind reader! I was in deep thoughts- how to know more about this person.  Like I mentioned in my first post my heart and brain started to talk to me. Brain – “Dude it is quite easy, the guy is right below your building doing nothing all day long. Go talk to him!” and that’s when my heart stormed in “Hey you mad? People all around knows that that man is in no good mental condition and you really wanna go back and dig his past which may be filled with sorrows and fears using him as a spade ? Do you?” there again I was stuck. Well also I was quite afraid that he might not react well to my approach so I decided to forfeit the idea of getting first hand information.

Then I talked to dad about him and my dad had some knowledge about his past (of course heard it from someone else). Trust me when I tell his story you wouldn’t believe me! Neither did me when I first heard it from dad. I thought he was simply mocking me but it turned out he wasn’t. It sounded like a beautiful but sad Hollywood movie. The story was…

He worked in the armed force of the country years ago when the country was under construction. He was a close person to the king’s family. He then met a foreign women and fell in deep love with her and she too (I am not sure about that part). But she left him and went to her homeland which our hero couldn’t mentally accept. The guy lost it. Since then he has been a wanderer. Although the king’s family tried to place him in a good home he refused to stay there. He walked out and wandered through the city’s street making all of the people curious.

I really don’t know how credible the story is. It might also be one of the stories made by imaginative friends in our society but he seems to look like a person with a very unfortunate past. I looked at him for the first time, he looked innocent and kind. The scary marks did not seem scary or ugly any more. It just showed his rough past. I really wanted to know if it was true or not but I just can’t get enough guts to do that but one day I will talk to him and get to know more about him….one day may be sometime later.IMG_20140603_185922