Equal justice to all ….

December 16 2012 – you might have guessed what I am going to talk but if you are thinking that my topic today is women security and respect well then you are wrong. I am going to talk about something that has always confused me – human psychology. I have always pondered on how people think in unusual scenarios. Actually I know that human psychology is not something pre-defined but is dynamic. But sometimes it defies logical sensibility –that is how people react does not make any sense. For those who don’t know what happened on December 16 or for those who forgot what happened on this date (my today’s heroes) let me tell you. On this day a 23 year old physiotherapy female student was brutally gang raped while she was travelling with a male friend. After 13 days she succumbed to her injuries.

Here I would like to analyze the attitude of people during the protest for NIRBHAYA. Public protests took place on 21 December in New Delhi at India Gate and Raisina Hill which later on spread to the other parts of the country. More than 600 women belonging to various organizations demonstrated in Bangalore, thousands of people silently marched in Kolkata. All those with STAY HOME SYNDROME also did not fail to take part in the protests-the social-networking fans also protested by changing their profile pictures into a black dot symbolizing their support to the protest. Not just “aam janata” but also Indian celebrities like the great Indian yoga guru Baba Ramdev and the most controversial army general V.K.Singh also joined the people to protest against this unfortunate incident. Thousands of protesters clashed with police and battled Rapid Action Force units. Demonstrators were lathi charged, shot with water cannon and tear gas shells, and arrested. And let us not talk about how people reacted after the victim’s death. The whole world admired the Indian crowd- they respected on how we all stood together against the hideous crime.

Well what happened after these protests were that the government of India decided to set up a judicial committee to study and take public suggestions for modifying the laws and ensuring proper legal punishments for sexual offenders. And they did make some amendments in the law but the implementation of this is still not strong enough even after 16 months. The latest estimates suggest that a new case of rape is reported every 22 minutes in India­.

What amuses me the most is the fact that the thousands of Indians who filled the streets of India in protest against rape appears to have disappeared. The rights, freedom and respect for women that they demanded for almost a year and a half back has faded with time. Many girls from the rural villages of India were dragged from their homes right in front of their parents to be raped and killed brutally. Many of such incidents happened and all those who protested then just sat staring at Arnab Goswami or Rahul Kunwal or Rajdeep Sardesai describing the crime now. What happened a few days ago to two dalit girls is an insight into the plight of helpless girls in the rural areas of the country. It feels like such crimes are not brutal enough for the people of the nation to protest again like they did before or is it that you don’t realize that they don’t live in our country? Why do you react differently to these incidents? Don’t these girls deserve respect and justice? Why are we sitting back and watching all these crimes happen in our nation? Where are those who protested for Nirbhaya?

We cannot afford anymore such crimes and deaths because every time it happens we are denying justice and respect to these poor village girls who have lost everything that they were supposed to have.


2 thoughts on “Equal justice to all ….

  1. Well one can protest till one is blue in the face, and nothing will change because people aren’t willing to change. The Law and Order does not live up to its promises. The Judiciary comes out with the strangest of verdicts in each case of molestation, be it rape or harassment. It was bound to happen. I’m optimistic about change though. Because I know children who think differently and are willing to raise their voices, even if it was because someone stepped on a frog and killed it accidentally in school – and beat him up. (that was off topic)
    When boys are brought up differently, especially by the women in the family.

    1. I don’t understand the fact that why do people lose hope so quickly…. Things would have been quite different if the there had been protests for every rape incident that followed nirbhaya’s….. Now we just see it every single day ..on TV….on newspaper and feel sorry for the victim and her family ….

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